Mac and Chromebook users are browsing more secure websites on Google Chrome

Thanks to the new Google security article today about showing “Not secure” on all non HTTPS sites as you can read here, we have some amazing numbers.

  • Over 68% of Chrome traffic on both Android and Windows is now protected
  • Over 78% of Chrome traffic on both Chrome OS and Mac is now protected
  • 81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default

That means that 10% more web traffic on Macs and Chromebooks are on sites using HTTPS/TLS/SSL. This makes a lot of sense, and the reason may have to do with businesses and schools. Businesses are using more and more Macs for the lower support and maintenance costs, and now more and more schools are getting Chromebooks for students. Macs are also really popular for developers for the reliability, macOS and performance.

This is great news for consumers of media, by keeping users safe on the web.