Equifax shares that more was stolen in the data breach

Equifax shares that more was stolen in the data breach

Back in 2017 Equifax had a data breach thanks to a mess-up where a public known venerability was not patched, and as a result 146.6 million people around the world had personal info stolen. Equifax is a service that companies use to check a persons credit score, as a result Equifax had personal and sensitive data stored on users even if the person never knew about Equifax. The numbers now include passports and drivers licences, along with credit card info.

The data

146.6 million names

146.6 million dates of birth

145.5 million social security numbers

99 million personal addresses

209,000 payment cards (number and expiry date)

38,000 American drivers licenses

3,200 passports


The numbers are staggering and the fact that ID and passports where also lost along with full credit card numbers and expire info (all thats needed for some charges to be made). The info stolen also included info from people in the USA, UK, and Canada.

Anthony Rossbach

Anthony Rossbach

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