The LMG Problem with Bad Data, Stolen Property, and More.

9 months ago by Anthony Lee.
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Over the last day we have seen a lot of opinions and allegations against LMG (Linus Media Group, including Linus Tech Tips YT Channel). We wanted to share some of the recent updates and what happened. Linus is a YouTuber runs LMG in Vancouver Canada with many business including a store (LTT Store) and video streaming service (Floatplane). Yesterday a video was uploaded by Gamers Nexus called "The Problem with Linus Tech Tips: Accuracy, Ethics, & Responsibility", and with this video Steve from GN pointed out some worrying content errors on LMG for example numbers in graphs that don’t make any sense. Plus comments made by LMG staff saying others reuse testing data and LMG will retest and use new data every single time, this may not be the case as shown in the GN video. With this he pointed out that they do post an update in the comments sometimes and add on screen edits when hosts say something wrong, but it’s not been done in a reliable way. Not only are notes about errors only posted after they are called out on it, they have kept video content up where the entire videos content is found to be wrong. This is the case with the Billet Labs water block video. The problem with the Billet Labs water block was the video was really negative against the block, but a lot of key details were ignored. The block was made for the 3090TI and LMG used a non compatible 4090 that in testing turns out does not even allow the block to make contact. As a response to the GN video Linus said in a post on the LTT Forum that they did not retest it with the GPU it was made for because he did not feel like anyone should ever buy it and that he did not have a comparable GPU at the time and even though staff wanted to re test it he felt it was a waste of time ( The problem is the block came with a proper GPU by Billet Labs and they also provided documentation that LMG ignored. It also turned out that after the video when the block was supposed to be sent back LMG auctioned the block off during LTX event even though it did not belong to them. After the GN video Linus said they already made agreements to pay Billet Labs for the block, but it turns out that the email was only sent AFTER the GN video. Billet Labs posted about this after on Reddit ( After the non apology from Linus on the forum GN made a new video called "HW News - Linus Tech Tips' Terrible Response" going over the response Linus made that kinda just passed off the blame on others and not himself. This is the state of the allegations about a lack of fact checking on LMG videos. At this time not only has LMG not made any statement, but they have also lost thousands of paid Floatplane subscribers and the LTT Forum is struggling to stay online due to the massive traffic especially in the forum topic about this. It’s disappointing to see the lack of response from LMG but we will just need to wait and see.
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Profile image for High HopesHigh Hopes
9 months ago.
Big oof! I've never been a huge Linus viewer but I did enjoy tuning in from time to time. I will never grasp why companies think shortcuts won't catch up with them... Sure even 50 years ago it'd have been easy but with the internet today nope!
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9 months ago.
BL gave an update about the possible return of the auctioned block and associated GPU a couple hours ago through a Reddit comment ( and I applaud them for their patience while dealing with the situation. LMG unfortunately dug their own grave by not behaving properly, but with how GN basically blew open the door on their practices, I'm not sure they'll still have much of a reputation at all by next week.
Profile image for Anthony LeeAnthony Lee
9 months ago.
Edit: Just made some formatting adjustments to the post to show the videos from GN at the bottom of the article on the website.
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