Amazon is taking the lead, and renewed THE EXPANSE for a 4th season!

It’s a big day for fans of the Science Fiction show The Expanse got good news with Amazon ordering the show for a 4th season after it was cancelled by SyFy. This is not the first show that SyFy cancelled with huge viewer numbers, the last big one was DarkMatter that had a huge Twitter storm that had millions tweeting to save the show, but it just did not happen for DarkMatter but it has for The Expanse.

Twitter had a trending tag for some time #SaveTheExpanse where people where trying to get another network or online provider like Netflix to pick up the show and keep it going. We even saw banners over the Amazon offices trying to save the show.

The fact that Amazon picked up the show is smart for them, its a loved show by many in the Science Fiction community and in the same status for most as Star Trek.

Lets see how much SyFy will regret the choice to let the show go in the next few years.